Elk Creek Glass is a private art school and studio that opened in 2023. It is all about hands-on immersive training in small classes to launch you into the amazing world of making glass art. From introductory courses to advanced training with guest artists, each course is designed to give students practice in specific skills, while making an amazing piece of art. 

Avi Zohar and Heather McNeill founded Elk Creek Glass to pass along the ancient art of glass. Glass art is not only beautiful to look at, but making it is also deeply connecting. Being intensely focused and creatively inspired can seem to stop time. It’s a zone of total focus. The rest of the world disappears while making glass. You and your team become totally connected, communicating, creating together.

The nexus of fire, color, and light opens a universe of understanding challenging subjects like chemistry, physics, and math. While those are never the main lessons, gradually as you grow as a glass artist, you’ll come to understand the energy of heat, the chemistry of colors, and math of mass and time that allows us to make glass without breaking. 

Then, there are the more esoteric lessons of working glass – be decisive when things are hot, adapt when things aren’t as expected, when something breaks – don’t get stuck start over.  Deep thoughts and lessons for life will be discovered in the flames of the forge. 

We look forward to you joining the Elk Creek Glass community and passing along the ancient and magical art of glass.