A Special Place 

On the Bank of Elk Creek

Discover the magic of making art at Elk Creek Glass. Two special art studios are located on 2.5 acres of in the little town of Elkton, OR. Our intimate setting fosters a personalized learning experience, with class sizes limited to 6-8 students. Join us and unleash your creative potential in the captivating world of glass artistry.

Fusing Studio

The glass fusing studio has spectacular vaulted ceilings with skylights that shower the space with natural light. Worktables, tools, kilns, glass and moulds are all on site for students. The fusing studio uses only CO90 compatible glass, primarily from Bullseye Glass. Frit, flake, and sheet glass are available in many colors and mixtures. A tremendous amount of glass cutoffs are sorted by color in boxes for use by students. Specialty stringers, cane, and murine are also available for some classes. The studio is fully stocked with safety glasses, glass cutters, nippers, circle cutters, grinders, and glue. 

There are three kilns to accommodate multiple firing schedules. There is kiln wash for coating molds and kiln shelves and blocks available as needed.

Moulds for slumping include: plates, platters, bowls, vases, and more.  

Blowing Studio aka “Hot Shop”

Rondelle in the Glory Hole - Blown Glass Steps

Elk Creek Glass owner, Avi Zohar, designed and built a 100lb capacity propane fired glass furnace that keeps the molten pot of glass a sweet 2100 degrees.

Much of the Hot Shop equipment was built by Avi and Curtis from scrap metal. The glory holes were built from steel drums and have legs made from fluted lampposts. There are whimsical deer antler handles on the annealing oven. The pipe warmer is made from an old mailbox.  The pipe cooler is made from roasting pan. Other shop equipment includes: an annealing oven, pickup oven, pipe warmer, pipe cooler, marver tables.  

Tools include: Blow pipes, punties, jacks, diamond jacks, safety gloves, safety sleeve, face shield, eye protection, newspaper, crimps, squeezers, blocks, paddles, leaf crimps, tweezers and more.

We have many colors of Reichenbach and Kugler glass frit and bar. The clear glass is Kugler.

There is also a sink, refrigerator, coat hooks and benches for students. Outside there are picnic tables for meals, visiting, and cooling off.