Peaking through clouds of white are green, blue, gray, gold, and some sparkling glitter. This gorgeous nature-inspired bud vase is approximately 10 inches tall with a scalloped rim.

$ 100

Since these are one of a kind, contact us right away to purchase this vase

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A beautiful, one-of-a-kind blown glass vase, will make her smile year-round. We have several gorgeous vases in many colors, sizes, and shapes. Call us if you’re looking for something specific. There are a few also available for purchase at the ECEC gift shop.

And don’t forget…. the best present for your Mother might be a glass-blowing workshop gift certificate or you taking a class with Mom. $100 for making a paperweight and $75-100 for beginner glass fusing projects. Call us to set up a class for you and Mom.

Making a blown glass vase takes a skilled glass artist 15 minutes to an hour depending on the size, shape, and design details. When we use specialty items like twisted cane, murrines, or bar color, preparing those pieces could take another 15 minutes to several hours to make those decorations. For a frame of reference for new students, you’ll need to spend 20-30 hours working hot glass and mastering several skills before blowing vases. You’ll want to get comfortable crafting paperweights, then blowing glass floats, then cups made with a mould, then cups without a mould. Your first attempts at complex shapes are always “wonky” but lovable.

This is a lot like learning to play an instrument or dance. Your fingers have to memorize all the ways to keep the pipe turning. Your breath needs to puff enough to start the bubble. Your eyes need to learn the look of cooling glass. Your skin needs to learn what temperature it can tolerate. Eventually, you can turn the pipe and blow without consciously thinking about the motions. Once these movements become automatic, then your attention can shift to shaping the glass. Now you learn to use the tools. And again, just like music, much of this is a group effort. You’ll announce your next moves, ask for tools, ask for the furnace doors to be opened, and coordinate a helper in breaking the piece off the pipe. All through this journey, you are making glass art pieces and you will get better and better. You’ll get to the personalities each color of glass has, and how it likes to be worked, what other colors it likes and dislikes. Progress happens both gradually and in breakthrough moments (breaking glass… yep that will happen along the way). The biggest thing.,.. is practice. Remember, just like music, there are going to be some weird sounds as you learn to make the notes. Eventually, you can control those weird sounds, put them together in different ways, and make your heart happy.

Being able to make a vase in 10 minutes to an hour, took a few years of practice and mastery. We are happy to make the vase of your dreams. We are even happier to teach you and guide you, so that one day, you can make that Mother’s Day vase yourself.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2024.