Fluted Bouquet Vase
Crystal clear fluted vase is large enough for bouquets. The rim is highlighted in splash of cobalt blue. $ 100
Celebrate Vase
A Blown-Glass Bud Vase with pops of cobalt blue, cranberry red, vibrant organe, and bits of lavender popping through white are sure to bring a smile. This bud vase is approximately 14 inches tall with a scalloped rim. $ 100
The small bouquet vase has a deep color fade. The sapphire blue rim transitions to teal, turquoise, and pastel green at the foot. You'll want to see this one in person, the color is amazing. This vase is about 8" tall and the scalloped mouth is about 6" at the widest. $ 100
Blown Glass Bud Vase
Peaking through clouds of white are green, blue, gray, gold, and some sparkling glitter. This gorgeous bud vase is approximately 12 inches tall with a scalloped rim. $ 100
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