As the weather gets hotter, glass fusing becomes much more appealing… no need to stand in front of a hot furnace (glass blowing). We’re getting prepped for some fusing projects and classes. Yesterday afternoon we prepped flower petals. We will do different types of decoration on them later today. The flowers will be mounted on wire stems so they can be used in potted plants or in the garden. Part of the fun of doing class prep is experimenting with colors and forms to see what will work best and to have examples for students.

And, since I’m new at doing all of this, it gives Avi a chance to teach me the steps. One of the lessons I’m keeping in mind, is the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi is the viewpoint of finding acceptance and beauty in imperfection and transience. So as a beginner at glasswork, not every cut I make is perfect. I’m a gardener and I know that not every petal in nature is the same. Some are tattered or misshapen, some are fresh and new, and some are older and drooping. I accept this in nature. I would have nothing left in my garden if I eliminated all the variations. As I learn glass, I remind myself that I’m new, I’m not a robot, and that the variations in my cutting are just like variations in the garden.

Drawing cut lines so that I waste as little glass as possible.
Not every piece breaks straight for me, I’m a beginner. I think it will be fine when it is melted and just part of the mix of petals.
My preliminary ideas
Prepping for several flowers and keeping them sorted by color and size was slower than I had wished. I didn’t get to the fun part of decorating the petals and adding the flower centers yet. Will work on it more tomorrow.