Fused Glass Orange Platter with smiling sun face.
Fused glass smiling sun. A perfect project for all ages.

We are booking classes now, for July. Our summer plan is to start each month with glass blowing for at least a week. Then, depending on class bookings, we will decide if we turn the glass furnace off until the start of the next month. Fuel is expensive and there is no need to keep the furnace hot if we aren’t solidly booked. So plan your glass blowing near the start of each month. As we gain more students, we will add more days of blowing each month.

Glass Fusing is a great summer activity. Most of the work is done cutting and assembling cold glass. We put the pieces in the oven after the assembly is done, so we don’t have to stand there in the heat. We can schedule classes anytime of the day. (There is no a/c in the shop, just fans). Summer is the time for doing fusing. We are planning some fusing classes on butterflies and flowers for later in July so stay tuned for those.

To book your class, call 541-621-6100 or email us at elkcreekglass@outlook.com. We are happy to chat about the project you would like to do, the time it will take, the cost, and any other questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you. Happy Summer!

Summer at Elk Creek Glass

Elkton, OR